Hola. Ahoj. Hei. Hallo. Howdy. Nei Ho. Jambo.

Whew. Extra points to anyone who knows which language that last one comes from. ;)

Anyway, we’re so glad you stumbled on our blog. Here, you’ll mostly find posts about making incredibly fun things with photos captured on your iPhone or Android.

Why? Well, we’re the makers of PostalPix, the free iPhone and Android app for ordering home delivered prints of your mobile photos. In mid 2010, we starting building PostalPix to solve an annoying problem. It was incredibly tedious to mail friends and family real prints of photos captured with your iPhone.

When the app launched in January 2011, it was apparent that other people shared our annoyance. The app was a success! We were thrilled. What shocked us in the following months, however, were the creative things people did with their prints once they received them in the mail.

Photo clotheslines. Photo-deco Christmas trees. Homemade albums. Antique window displaysWall collages. The list goes on…

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We were (and still are) inspired by our customers’ creativity for turning mobile-captured memories into meaningful things in the real world. Our goal is to share these projects here, providing an inspirational kick in the pants to anyone who peruses through.

If reading a blog isn’t your thing (which would be weird, since you’re here), you can follow along on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Bloglovin, and whatever other hot new social network hits the interwebz.

So clean the “digital dust” off those long forgotten pics in your camera roll, and start printing and creating!