Antique Window Photo Print Display

Mama extraordinaire Pamela (@encompassphoto) shared with us this great antique window photo print display recently that we had to share with all of you! Lucky for us, Pamela also shared with us a little more about herself as well as a step-by-step DIY as to how she made the display.

Antique Window Photo Print Display
Antique Window Photo Print Display

What do you do for a living? Where ya from?

  • When people ask me that question, I feel like I fail miserably at the “elevator speech” but here goes! I am a full-time product manager at a software company on weekdays, owner/photographer of enCompass Photography on weekends, and a smile maker/bed tucker/hug giver/book reader to my 4-year-old daughter every day. I was born in Scottsdale, Arizona and never left. Call me crazy, I love the weather, the desert and those beautiful mountains surrounding me.

What are your passions?

  • Is there a character limit for my answer? Ahhh, I have so many. If I had to narrow it down to a single answer, my main passion is having passion. That may sound quite ambiguous, so please allow me to explain. It’s a relentless quest for a life full of love, laughter, ambition, family, friendships, spontaneity and new experiences. I seek out moments, people or places that change my perspective, open my heart and allow me to gain an awareness of something I did not know before. People are also my passion; I have come to realize that investing in relationships is key to a happy life. Documenting all of the above through photography is a necessity, like water is to living. I take pictures as if the absence of them would make me forget the moments as soon as they passed. My boyfriend might say it’s a problem but mostly in a “we-are-gonna-need-more-storage-in-the-cloud-and-how-do-we-back-these-up” type of a problem. Needless to say, Dropbox loves me.

Please tell us more about your PostalPix project!

  • This has to be one of my favorite DIY projects to date because it incorporates two things I love: something with character (a vintage window frame) and photos. When I was in Laguna Beach shooting a wedding, I stumbled upon an antique shop. I am a sucker for these and as soon as I walked in I saw this rustic, old window frame that had been refurbished. It was for sale with a price tag of $30, and if you ask me it was a steal! I couldn’t wait to take it home. To recreate this DIY wall art for your own home, follow these easy steps.


  • 4×4 PostalPix Photo Prints
  • An Antique Window Frame with Glass Panel
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Clear Scotch Tape or Washi Tape
  • Find an antique window frame with glass. (This might be the hardest part, but don’t be discouraged. Scour your flea markets, antique stores and vintage shops for fun window frames with character and make sure the frames have glass!)
  • Clean the glass; this helps the tape stick better.
  • Turn your window over and place it on top of a clean surface or towel so that the front of the window is facing down. Make sure you know which way is “up” so your prints are facing the right way.
  • Rearrange photo prints to desired position.  I opted for a small amount of white space between my rows and columns to get a more “bordered” look, but the spacing is entirely up to you.
  • Carefully flip them over so images are now facing down.
  • Tear off 2 small strips of clear scotch or washi tape for each print.
  • Attach one strip to the top and bottom of each print. Use as little of a piece as possible to conceal its identity for the finished product.
  • Take your fingernail or a credit card to rub against each strip of tape a few times to remove air bubbles.
  • That’s it! Now hang your window frame on your wall for future admirers!

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