Cardboard Letter Photo Gallery from Tattooed Martha

Cardboard Letter Photo Gallery 1

Our customers are seriously the raddest. This cardboard letter photo gallery DIY from Tattooed Martha is no exception. (And yes, she is as cool as her moniker.) This DIY will be a bit of a doozy, but with a little time and patience, Sasha says it’s well worth it and we so agree. The most difficult thing to purchase are the letters and even that can be readily available in your local craft store or online. Follow below for the rest of the DIY and photos, all courtesy of Tattooed Martha.

Cardboard Letter Photo Gallery 2

Cardboard Letter Photo Gallery 3


  • 2×2 PostalPix Instagram Print Grids
  • Cardboard Letters (12″ size)
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Box Cutter or Craft Knife
  • Safety Pin or Small Tack
  • Mod Podge or Glue
  • Clear Thread
  • Sewing Needle
  • Measuring Tape
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive Tape

Cardboard Letter Photo Gallery 4

Cardboard Letter Photo Gallery 5


  • Tattooed Martha recommends laying out the photos first. She used 7 letters, alternating photo strands of 3 and 5 with back-to-back photo prints that equaled out to be 54 total prints.
  • Mod Podge two photo prints together, back-to-back and sandwich them together with the clear thread running through them. Space each photo about an inch apart. Allow 6-8 inches of extra thread from the top photo and snip off the excess. Lay flat and let dry entirely.
  • Paint your cardboard letters with 3 coats of paint. Allow 30-45 minutes before each coat.
  • Once completely dry, cut a small square in the center of the backside of each letter. This is where the thread will go through, so closer to the bottom the better.
  • Using a safety pin or tack, poke a small hole on the bottom of the letter.
  • Attach the thread with photo prints through the sewing needle and push the needle through the hole at the bottom of the letter. Then through to the back of the small square you cut.
  • Tape the string to the back of the letter.

Cardboard Letter Photo Gallery 6

Cardboard Letter Photo Gallery 7


That’s it! Just hang up the letters with the photos and admire your handiwork. We can’t thank Sasha enough for creating this rad DIY and allowing us to share her work. Be sure to check out her amazing blog/website over at

Cardboard Letter Photo Gallery 8

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