Autism Science Foundation: Snapping Our Way to Awareness

We’re excited to be teaming up with the Autism Science Foundation to support Autism awareness and research! As part of their Recipe4Hope year-end fundraising campaign, ASF launched a snow-angel themed Instagram photo contest to stress that we all need to work together to create an avalanche of autism research. More details on the contest and foundation can be found here.

The contest winner will receive a $25 gift certificate toward any PostalPix purchase! Now get out there and start snow angel-ing in public (the new “planking”?).

Disclaimer: neither we nor the Austism Science Foundation will be held responsible for any snow angel related injuries ;)

Hello World!

Since launching in January, we’ve connected with tons of amazing customers via email, social networks, and even the old fashioned telephone. Our goal for this blog is to provide a more intimate look inside PostalPix for our customers and anyone else who is interested (partners, suppliers, evil wizards, etc).

For those that don’t know us yet, we currently make an iPhone app that lets you order premium photo prints of any image on your device. Prints are shipped to your front door and arrive in as little as 2 days. You can find more information about our service and products at

Our New Baby: PostalPix v1.5

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of PostalPix v1.5.

Here’s a rundown of what’s new:

• Sleek and intuitive new design
• Addition of 5×7 and 5×5 square print sizes (great for Instagram prints)
• Aluminum prints – yes, we now print your photos on metal! (4×4, 5×7, and 8×10 sizes)
• Pay with Paypal
• Quantity limit increase to 60 unique images for iPhone 4 and 3GS devices
• Select up to 50 copies of each image
• A lot of behind the scenes improvements
• An overall enhanced customer experience

The Customer Experience

The last bullet above brings me to an important topic. Our #1 goal at PostalPix is to deliver the best possible experience for our customers. We function as a tech company, but customer service is what’s at our core. We truly believe that this mindset has been the driving force behind our growth as a young startup.

Every point of contact we have with you is a chance to make a lasting impression. That may even mean sacrificing short-term profits for a long-term gain. I’ll elaborate more on this in a future blog post.

Price Changes to 4×4 Prints

There were problems with how our 4×4 square prints were priced in the last version of PostalPix. First, the tiered pricing structure was confusing. Second, we priced 4x4s too low for high quantity orders and were barely breaking even at times. We created a new pricing format to solve these issues:

New 4×4 square print pricing Old 4×4 square print pricing
First 3 prints: 99¢ total First 3 prints: 99¢ total
Each additional print: 29¢ each Prints 4 – 20: 29¢ each
Prints 21 or more: 21¢ each

The new structure increases pricing by 8¢ per 4×4, but only for prints 21 and up. Just the prints after 20 were discounted to 21¢ in the old structure.

After a lot of number crunching, we think this new structure is the optimal balance of keeping our prices low (e.g. keeping customers happy) while maintaining profitability (e.g. staying in business). A few cents more per print may sound like we’re nickel and diming, but this can really add up collectively across all our customers. Feel free to sound off on this topic in the comments below.

What’s Next

The PostalPix iPhone app is just the beginning (pardon the cliché). You can expect availability on more devices, new features, and neat new products in the near future.

We’re excited about the future of PostalPix and hope you’ll tag along with us for the ride!

P.S. If you’re a current PostalPix customer, what do you think of the service thus far? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.