Last Minute Postalpix Print Place Setting Ideas for your Holiday Table!

These super cute, super easy place setting ideas can be made the day of your party with little effort ! Just grab your Postalpix prints and a few items you may already have lying around the house, and follow a few simple steps ! Your guests will have a blast going around the table looking at everyone’s photos!

Use a Pinecone and place your print on top! Add some glitter to make it extra special !


Make a tiny wreath with a sprig of Rosemary ! Add some flowers you may having lying around!


Grab a baby pumpkin and cut a thin slit in the stem, place your Postalpix in the slit, and everyone will love it !


Use clothes pins to hold your Postalpix place setting, add a sprig of Rosemary and some Gold leaf if you’re extra fancy !


Collect some wine corks, and paint or gold leaf the bottom. Cut a slit in the top and slide your Postalpix print in !


Holiday Memory Mobile


This is the perfect DIY for displaying your holiday memories ! Ask each member of the family to clip on their favorite prints, and get creative with the decor ! 


3 embroidery hoops in varying sizes

Mini clothespins

Glue Gun

Jute String


Postalpix Prints 

STEP 1: Grab your string and cut 3 pieces about 3 1/2 ft in length. Begin wrapping your string around the largest embroidery hoop, 3-4 times, be sure to leave 6 inches at the top for hanging. Measure another 6 inches, and again, wrap the string 3-4 times around the medium sized embroidery hoop, Measure another 6 inches, and again, wrap the string 3-4 times around the smallest embroidery hoop. 


STEP 2: Repeat STEP 1 with remaining pieces of string, covering the perimeter of the hoops.  Cut off leftover string from bottom.

STEP 3: At this point, you should be able to grab the remaining strings at the top, and tie them together, in order to hang your mobile.


STEP 4: Add small dots of glue around the perimeter of your hoops, place your mini clothespins, and wait for glue to dry. Make sure your mobile’s hanging for easier application.


STEP 5: Decorate with ornaments ! Instead of using hooks, use your jute string for a more rustic look. 

STEP 6: Clip on your Postalpix Prints!


STEP 7: Hang in a cute corner, over your holiday table or in front of a window so that it twists in the wind ! 


BONUS STEP: Tie a long piece of string down the center of the mobile, secured at the top. Clip one of your mini clothespins at the bottom, and tie an ornament for an extra layer !

Glimmering Fall Memory Garland !


The whole family will appreciate the fun that goes into making this one! With just a few simple items, you can hang your Postalpix proudly with this super fun ‘Fall Garland’! The glimmering colors and the hanging leaves make this perfect to display proudly in front of a window, for extra sparkle! If your ready to have some family fun and add some holiday decor with meaning to your home, then lets go! 

Supplies :

-Postalpix Prints

-Fall Leaves from your favorite tree

-Jute twine or string

-Glue (glue pens work great here!) 

-Glitter, use gold if your extra fancy

-Gold leaf 

-(Optional) – Use paint brush to spread glue if you don’t have a pen

STEP 1: Gather your leaves and choose 4 that are the flattest, and similar in size. Spread glue on the back of each leaf, and sprinkle your glitter over top. Set aside and let dry!


STEP 2: Grab 3-5 Postalpix prints, and spread glue across the back. Apply your Gold Leaf sheets, and carefully secure onto the back of your prints. Set-aside and let dry completely. This step can get a little messy, but have fun with your gold leaf, and layer for texture!


STEP 3: Once your glue has dried, use scissors or a hole punch, to poke a small hole in the top of your Postalpix prints. 

STEP 4: Cut 9 pieces of twine, at about 6 inches long. Cut another piece of twine about 4- 5 ft long.

STEP 5: Grab the 6 inch pieces you cut, and tie a knot onto each Postalpix and leaf. Use the stems of the leaves and the holes you poked in the prints to do this. Leave at least 3-4 inches of string to hang. 


STEP 6: Take your leaves and prints, and tie each component about 5-7 inches apart onto the longest piece of twine. 


STEP 7: Hang in front of a window and watch it spin and sparkle in the wind all season long while you cherish your memories!


Halloween Hostess Gift With Postalpix


This DIY is great to give as a Hostess Gift or even to keep in the house as a beautiful reminder of what the holidays have brought us today (pumpkins and flowers!), and in the past (postalpix memories!). Creating something by hand, as well as attaching a precious memory makes this gift one of the most thoughtful you can give this season. We hope you enjoy making this fun holiday DIY!

Supplies : 

-Postalpix Print


-Bouquet beautiful flowers

-Foam or Floral Foam 


-Paper Filling 

-Knife + Spoon

-Extra Decor (Optional)

-Chalk Paint + Chalk (Optional)


STEP 1: Slice! Begin slicing off the top quarter portion of the pumpkin, a little more than you would for a jack-o-lantern.



STEP 2: Carve! Carve off the entire top portion, and set aside.


STEP 3: Scoop! Scoop out the ‘guts’ and seeds from inside of the pumpkin, try to get all of the strings and create a clean surface. Don’t forget to save those seeds!


STEP 4: Place! Grab your foam, and place inside the pumpkin, covering the bottom.  

PRO TIP: To make flowers last longer, use ‘Floral Foam’ and soak before use. 


STEP 5: Poke! Be sure your flowers are cut to the right height for you pumpkin, and begin placing/poking them into the foam. Start from the inside-out to make things a little more organized. 


STEP 6: Pretty! Look over your flowers and fill in any empty spots. 


BONUS TIP: Use ‘Chalk Paint’ on the back of your Postalpix Print, and write a cute note to your friend.

STEP 7: Use your string, and tie your Postalpix Print onto the pumpkin with a bow. Add any other decor like ghosts, spider webs or even go for more of a fall theme and you can give this gift all season!

STEP 8: Fill the rest of the space in the pumpkin with your paper filling. 


STEP 9: Give! Give to your hostess at that holiday party your going to this weekend! They’ll love this super thoughtful gift, and of course the amazing Postalpix memory they get to cherish. 

DIY Instagram Photo Wreath Display

DIY Instagram Photo Wreath Display 1

We’re back with a DIY from Tiffany McClure, who we introduced last week with a collection of Instagram Displays. She blew us all away with her craftiness, especially with this bright, fun PostalPix photo wreath DIY and we are so thrilled she’s allowed us to share it on the blog today. Follow along below to learn how to make your own!

DIY Instagram Photo Wreath Display 2


DIY Instagram Photo Wreath Display 3


  • 4×4 PostalPix Instagram Prints
  • Round Styrofoam Wreath
  • Yarn (any size, any color, any amount)
  • Hot Glue Gun & Sticks
  • Scissors
  • Mini Clothespins
  • Decorative Flowers (optional)

DIY Instagram Photo Wreath Display 4

DIY Instagram Photo Wreath Display 5



  • Purchase your materials and have everything all set to go. Tiffany purchased everything in this DIY at Michael’s Craft Store.
  • Take the yarn and start to cover the styrofoam wreath as many times it will take to cover the entire thing. Note: the bigger yarn you use, the quicker this process will go. Props to Tiffany for using small yarn!
  • Apply hot glue gun to the end of the yarn once you’re all done and adhere it to the finished piece.
  • Cut a long piece of yarn and glue it to the back of the wreath. Tiffany did hers in a zig-zag shape. Just keep in mind that the PostalPix Instagram prints will be hanging off of this string.
  • Add decorative pieces to the wreath to make it your own! Wooden letters, flowers, pins, etc. will all work perfectly.
  • Attach the mini clothespins to the yarn piece and hang your PostalPix prints.
  • Hang the wreath if you’d like or have it placed against a wall. That’s it!

DIY Instagram Photo Wreath Display 6


A huge thank you to the ever-so-talented Tiffany for sharing this DIY with us! We can’t wait to see what other crafts she’s got brewing for the future. Be sure to check out her photography and blog over at