DIY Instagram Displays from Tiffany McClure

DIY Instagram Displays from Tiffany McClure 1

It’s safe to say that PostalPix has some of the craftiest and coolest customers on Earth. Just a little biased… but can you blame us?!

Tiffany McClure recently tagged us in on a craft she had been working on with her PostalPix prints and we were just floored with her creativity! We quickly emailed her to get the deets on one craft only to find out she had created a few more from our own blog: Washi Tape Clothespins Instagram Display DIYEasy Cork Frame DIY for Instagram Prints.

Read along to get to know Tiffany and be sure to head over to to her website/blog to see her amazing photography! >>

DIY Instagram Displays from Tiffany McClure 2

What do you do for a living? Where ya from?

  • I am a lifestyle photographer! I have had my own business for about 3 years, My favorite type of shoot is engagement, but I do shoot weddings, family pictures, senior’s, maternity & newborn! :) I live in Florida! Clearwater to be more specific! Moved here with my family in 2005 after my dad retired from the military.

DIY Instagram Displays from Tiffany McClure 3

What are your passions? What inspires you?

  • Photography has been my passion for a LONG time and I’m excited that with this job I can also be a stay-at-home mom! I very much enjoy doing any types of crafts, always looking for new ones to try. People with fresh ideas inspire me! I actually get inspired pretty easy. My husband and I just got married May 4, of this year and are now expecting a little one at the end of February! That’s definitely inspired me and sparked my creativity…already thinking of fun ideas when we find out whether it’s a girl or a boy! We also just moved into an apt. and are working on making it our own, which is another reason I’ve been going on a craft spree!

DIY Instagram Displays from Tiffany McClure 4

Please tell us how you first found out about PostalPix?

  • I first found out about PostalPix from a fellow photographer friend who took my engagement, wedding, and now “expecting” photos! She had some cute 4×4 pictures and instragramed “PostalPix”. That was a few months ago, then I posted a picture on instagram and said “I want this printed!” She commented and reminded me of you guys again! So thank you Laura! :) Once I clicked on your link, I saw all kinds of fun projects that I wanted to try on your blog! I decided to print 4 or 5 pictures to see if I liked how they came out…and ended up selecting 65 pictures instead. Oops :) I will definitely will continue using PostalPix for picture prints!! You guys are awesome! :)

DIY Instagram Displays from Tiffany McClure 5

Lucky for us, Tiffany will be back to share PostalPix an exclusive DIY scoop on how she crafted these uh-mazing yarn covered wreaths that doubles as a PostalPix display!  Here’s a sneak peek of what it will look like: DIY Instagram Displays from Tiffany McClure 6

A huge thank you to Tiffany for being so amazing and letting us get to know her a little bit more! Interested in having your DIY project with PostalPix Instagram prints featured on our blog? We should chat.