Glimmering Fall Memory Garland !


The whole family will appreciate the fun that goes into making this one! With just a few simple items, you can hang your Postalpix proudly with this super fun ‘Fall Garland’! The glimmering colors and the hanging leaves make this perfect to display proudly in front of a window, for extra sparkle! If your ready to have some family fun and add some holiday decor with meaning to your home, then lets go! 

Supplies :

-Postalpix Prints

-Fall Leaves from your favorite tree

-Jute twine or string

-Glue (glue pens work great here!) 

-Glitter, use gold if your extra fancy

-Gold leaf 

-(Optional) – Use paint brush to spread glue if you don’t have a pen

STEP 1: Gather your leaves and choose 4 that are the flattest, and similar in size. Spread glue on the back of each leaf, and sprinkle your glitter over top. Set aside and let dry!


STEP 2: Grab 3-5 Postalpix prints, and spread glue across the back. Apply your Gold Leaf sheets, and carefully secure onto the back of your prints. Set-aside and let dry completely. This step can get a little messy, but have fun with your gold leaf, and layer for texture!


STEP 3: Once your glue has dried, use scissors or a hole punch, to poke a small hole in the top of your Postalpix prints. 

STEP 4: Cut 9 pieces of twine, at about 6 inches long. Cut another piece of twine about 4- 5 ft long.

STEP 5: Grab the 6 inch pieces you cut, and tie a knot onto each Postalpix and leaf. Use the stems of the leaves and the holes you poked in the prints to do this. Leave at least 3-4 inches of string to hang. 


STEP 6: Take your leaves and prints, and tie each component about 5-7 inches apart onto the longest piece of twine. 


STEP 7: Hang in front of a window and watch it spin and sparkle in the wind all season long while you cherish your memories!