Halloween Hostess Gift With Postalpix


This DIY is great to give as a Hostess Gift or even to keep in the house as a beautiful reminder of what the holidays have brought us today (pumpkins and flowers!), and in the past (postalpix memories!). Creating something by hand, as well as attaching a precious memory makes this gift one of the most thoughtful you can give this season. We hope you enjoy making this fun holiday DIY!

Supplies : 

-Postalpix Print


-Bouquet beautiful flowers

-Foam or Floral Foam 


-Paper Filling 

-Knife + Spoon

-Extra Decor (Optional)

-Chalk Paint + Chalk (Optional)


STEP 1: Slice! Begin slicing off the top quarter portion of the pumpkin, a little more than you would for a jack-o-lantern.



STEP 2: Carve! Carve off the entire top portion, and set aside.


STEP 3: Scoop! Scoop out the ‘guts’ and seeds from inside of the pumpkin, try to get all of the strings and create a clean surface. Don’t forget to save those seeds!


STEP 4: Place! Grab your foam, and place inside the pumpkin, covering the bottom.  

PRO TIP: To make flowers last longer, use ‘Floral Foam’ and soak before use. 


STEP 5: Poke! Be sure your flowers are cut to the right height for you pumpkin, and begin placing/poking them into the foam. Start from the inside-out to make things a little more organized. 


STEP 6: Pretty! Look over your flowers and fill in any empty spots. 


BONUS TIP: Use ‘Chalk Paint’ on the back of your Postalpix Print, and write a cute note to your friend.

STEP 7: Use your string, and tie your Postalpix Print onto the pumpkin with a bow. Add any other decor like ghosts, spider webs or even go for more of a fall theme and you can give this gift all season!

STEP 8: Fill the rest of the space in the pumpkin with your paper filling. 


STEP 9: Give! Give to your hostess at that holiday party your going to this weekend! They’ll love this super thoughtful gift, and of course the amazing Postalpix memory they get to cherish.