Holiday Memory Mobile


This is the perfect DIY for displaying your holiday memories ! Ask each member of the family to clip on their favorite prints, and get creative with the decor ! 


3 embroidery hoops in varying sizes

Mini clothespins

Glue Gun

Jute String


Postalpix Prints 

STEP 1: Grab your string and cut 3 pieces about 3 1/2 ft in length. Begin wrapping your string around the largest embroidery hoop, 3-4 times, be sure to leave 6 inches at the top for hanging. Measure another 6 inches, and again, wrap the string 3-4 times around the medium sized embroidery hoop, Measure another 6 inches, and again, wrap the string 3-4 times around the smallest embroidery hoop. 


STEP 2: Repeat STEP 1 with remaining pieces of string, covering the perimeter of the hoops.  Cut off leftover string from bottom.

STEP 3: At this point, you should be able to grab the remaining strings at the top, and tie them together, in order to hang your mobile.


STEP 4: Add small dots of glue around the perimeter of your hoops, place your mini clothespins, and wait for glue to dry. Make sure your mobile’s hanging for easier application.


STEP 5: Decorate with ornaments ! Instead of using hooks, use your jute string for a more rustic look. 

STEP 6: Clip on your Postalpix Prints!


STEP 7: Hang in a cute corner, over your holiday table or in front of a window so that it twists in the wind ! 


BONUS STEP: Tie a long piece of string down the center of the mobile, secured at the top. Clip one of your mini clothespins at the bottom, and tie an ornament for an extra layer !