PicTapGo Photo App for iPhone

PicTapGo Photo App for iPhone 1

Meet PicTapGo, your new favorite photo app for iPhone.

Currently available for iOS, PicTapGo is available for not only as a photo app for iPhone, but also for the iPad! With its minimalist interface, this little photo app makes a punch. It has tons of filters with real-time previews and you can layer them up to your heart’s desire. You can then save each recipe to your editing arsenal and quickly apply them to photo after photo.

Choose a photo and you’ll see filters to choose from as you scroll up.

PicTapGo Photo App for iPhone 2


Choose and layer up different filters you want to use — you can also decrease the intensity of each filter.

PicTapGo Photo App for iPhone 3

The process makes it insanely easy to edit through a lot of photos and is a huge time saver. Think of all the vacation photos you can edit in a fraction of the time it normally would take you! From there, easily share the entire album onto Facebook or share them across your favorite social media sites. The real fun part is you can easily send the edited images through to PostalPix to have printed! Heck, you can easily have this all done and photo prints waiting for you when you get home.

PicTapGo Photo App for iPhone 4


Share away!

PicTapGo Photo App for iPhone 5

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