PostalPix Instagram Prints + Project Life

Interested in a new project? Instagrammer @itssokristi shares with us her love of crafts, PostalPix Instagram prints + Project Life!

PostalPix Instagram Prints + Project Life
PostalPix Instagram Prints + Project Life

What do you do?

  • Admin by Day, Scrapper/Photographer/Pet sitter by Night!

What are your passions?

  • Pets. Scrapbooking. Photography.  Fuzzy kids are so great to be around.  I pretty much love everything about them.  After a client visit I’m always reinvigorated having just spent time with them.  They listen without giving feedback and love you unconditionally!  My love for photography and scrapbooking go hand in hand; and both have a social aspect about them.  I love organizing or participating in photo walks (case in point, Venice Beach PostalPix walk!)  I love the creative process of setting up the perfect shot or setting together the perfect scrapbooking supplies with an awesome (lots of the time PostalPix) photos.  It’s just a fun, messy, creative process.  I’ve been into photography for almost 10 years and for about 20 years I’ve been scrapbooking.  I’ve had pets since before I can remember.  I combine all three of these passions on the regular.

How do you incorporate PostalPix into your workflow?

  • PostalPix has been a wonderful addition to my scrapbooking projects, and to utilizing all of the daily moments I capture on my iPhone.  Before, I never printed out or did anything with the photos I took on my phone.  PostalPix gave me the opportunity to be creative in documenting all of my life experiences.  Scrapbooking and photography are both about capturing moments, stories, and I use it to capture my life – for me.  I’ve started Becky Higgins Project Life this year, and many of the photos I’ve used are printed right from PostalPix.  The pages by Becky Higgins have 4×4 slots which fit my prints perfectly.  I’m just waiting for the app to start offering 3×3 prints!

Tell us more about Project Life!

  • This is a phenomena that started really with Ali Edwards, who had a son and wanted to document just the daily ongoings.  Her style is truly simple, it’s about a photo that tells a story, then continuing that story with journaling.  A couple of years ago Becky Higgins took this idea and created “Project Life”.  You purchase an album, sectioned page protectors and a simple kit to use for your journaling.  It’s meant to document your life one week at a time.  Utilizing any camera (really easy to use your camera phone) you document little or big things that happen during your week – for me it could be a visit with a fuzzy client, a new restaurant, a moment with my Boo or my overabundance of snapshots of my fuzzy kids.  It’s really cool to look back and see how your life has changed, or hasn’t.

Thanks Kristi for sharing your story and project with us!

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  • Nellie Korecki

    I have some really cool scrapbook pages and used my zombie walk pics printed by postal pics should I post on your page?

    • Tina

      Sure! We’d love to see it. :)