PostalPix + PicTapGo Photo App for iPhone


We first introduced PicTapGo photo app for iPhone back in November as one of our favorite photo apps to use. We are back today to show you how you can seamlessly go from editing to printing through PostalPix with just one button. There’s really no excuse not to print out those vacation photos you took this Summer. You can now have them in days (or earlier) after a trip.

Need a quick run-through of the app and how you can connect to PostalPix? Follow along and we’ll show you how plus share some tips we’re big fans of.

1. First make sure you have both apps downloaded. (Note: PicTapGo is currently only available for iOS) Once you’re ready to start editing, power up that bad boy.

PostalPix PicTapGo Photo App for iPhone 1


2. Hit the “OK” to give PicTapGo access your photos. This is standard procedure and will allow you to save your edited photos onto your Camera Roll. PROTIP: If you accidentally hit the “Don’t Allow” you can always go into your phone settings and change this. No biggie!

PostalPix PicTapGo Photo App for iPhone 2


3. Next is the tough part the “PIC” — you’ll have to decide on the photo you’d like to edit. This may be a scary task if have a ton to choose from, like most of us these days. PROTIP: iPhone makes it easy to make folders and this is the best time to use it! Make one of the photos you’d like edited so you’re not wasting time sifting through photos you don’t want to edit or print.

PostalPix PicTapGo Photo App for iPhone 3

4. If you’re unfamiliar with PicTapGo, this is where the magic happens or the “TAP.” It’s insanely easy to edit your photos and apply as many filters as you’d like on them. Go subtle or go bold, the opportunity is endless. You can read about the editing process in a more thorough post we’ve written up here. PROTIP: Once you start finding what filters work for you, save it in a recipe! It’ll apply the same filters every time and save you so much hassle of going through each one again.

PostalPix PicTapGo Photo App for iPhone 4


5. Enough editing, it’s perfect! Is it just us or do we spend a ridiculous amount of time tinkering with every button to make sure it’s just right? After you’re done, just hit “Go” on the top right hand corner and it’ll take you to this page. This is where you can save, email, share to social media and there you go — get on over to PostalPix!

PostalPix PicTapGo Photo App for iPhone 6



6. Click on the “PostalPix Prints” icon and it should open up directly to our app. PROTIP: Get to know our app a bit! Register an account with us prior and set up your shipping information.

PostalPix PicTapGo Photo App for iPhone 7


7. Select a print size and order directly from the folder of photos you’ve got saved on your Camera Roll. Check out, set up your shipping and you’re good to go!

PostalPix PicTapGo Photo App for iPhone 8


Hopefully this clears up any confusion you may have had with the app or how it worked with the two apps teaming up. A huge thanks to our good friends at PicTapGo for creating such a fine app.

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