We’ve got a special PostalPix project in store for you guys from Instagrammer @scrapbookmom17! Get to know Adrienn’s project and learn how to make ABC Books for kids with Android or iPhone photo prints that’s not only fun, but also educational. We love any project that gets kids involved because making memories is half the fun.

Tell us more about this PostalPix photo project you do!

  • One of my favorite things to do as a scrapbooker, is to make ABC books for kids – they get to be the star of the their very own alphabet book while they learn their letters. For example: A is for apple, and there’s a photo of the little one eating an apple! It seems to me that this could be especially fun now, since we can so easily take pics with our phones! This basic idea can take almost any form – from a large, fancy scrapbook….to a smaller scrapbook. Or simple, around the house items (cardboard and markers) could be used so kids could make their own books…and laminated flip books are also pretty easy to put together.

We love this idea, Adrienne!