We know it’s tough getting through this back-to-work day, but hopefully this fun PostalPix project will be a great inspiration to get you through it! Recently, Instagrammer @jambird1976 shared with us this amazing birthday banner with Instagram photo prints for her son Archer’s 1st birthday. Read on to get to know her and her PostalPix project. Cute photos, cute banner, cute kid… what could be better?

What do you do?

  • I am currently a stay at home mom, raising my 3.5 year old daughter Clementine, and my 1 year old son, Archer, with the help of my awesome and hard-working husband, Brian.

What are your passions?

  • I love music (Bon Iver), ocean trips (La Push), taking pictures, reading, drinking coffee, and when inspiration hits, writing.

Tell us more about this PostalPix project and what it means to you!

  • I try to get my Instagram photo prints from PostalPix as often as I am able, because I like to update my fridge pictures somewhat often. But, lately I’m really into my “photo line” in my dining room, which is what you see in the photo I uploaded to Instagram last week. For Archer’s 1st birthday last month, I used the Afterlight app to edit my photos, adding letters for Archers’s name with one of the in-app edit options. Then I simply uploaded those pics to PostalPix and displayed them above where Archer would sit to have his cake! My best friend loved it so much that she downloaded your app and ended up doing the exact same thing for her daughter’s 16th birthday two weeks later! So fun.

Thanks, Jeanette! We loved learning about you and this great project.