One of the best things about the DIY community is the amount of creativity out there, all over the world! We are lucky enough to be able to share this hanging branch gallery for Instagram prints from Nur Noch blog. Ronja Lotte is a talented DIY blogger hailing all the way from Germany! Her inspiring work will surely get you creating in no time. We’re sharing her branch gallery DIY today that we think would be absolutely perfect for your PostalPix Instagram photo prints.


  • PostalPix Instagram Prints
  • Found Branch
  • Drill
  • Twine (to hang the branch)
  • String (to hang your prints)
  • Nail (and hammer)


  • Find a branch that would be good for displaying. (We recommend at a location you like because sentimental found objects are always a good idea, right?)
  • Drill two small holes at either end of the branch, about an inch in on either sides. The width should just be wide enough to fit the twine through.
  • String the twine through on and tie a big knot through it. Depending on how low you wanted to hang the branch, now would be a good time to determine the length of the twine.
  • Hang it up now so you know how much space you’re working with.
  • Ronja takes this time out to adhere photos to wooden panels, but we say PostalPix photo prints will be a great alternative! Totally not biased or anything.
  • String up your prints and tie it around the branch. That’s it!

A huge thank you to Ronja Lotte of for sharing her DIY with us!