It’s time for some new Spring photo projects! We’ve got a nifty little CD favor with Instagram Prints DIY for you guys that is so simple to make and is perfect for any gift. All you thrify brides out there in need of budget-friendly wedding favors, keep this in mind!


  • 4×4 PostalPix print
  • 4 photo corners
  • Kraft (or any) CD sleeves
  • Mixed CD of your choice (vinyl CD-R used in this)


  • Without revealing the adhesive to the photo corners, place them onto the corners of the print you are going to use.
  • Carefully peel off the papers to reveal the adhesive.
  • With caution, gently place the photo with the photo corners onto the center CD sleeve.

This is the simplest way to get the photo corners measured evenly without the use of rulers. If you’re a stickler for completely evenness and don’t trust “eyeballing” it, then feel free to measure it on there! The CD sleeve may also come with a side that has a logo, so you can just place the Android or iPhone photo print on top of that. You can also keep your photo print plain with no text and add a tag yourself! The possibilities to accessorize are endless.

This idea was used in our Community Manager’s (me!) wedding as wedding favors!