Since the invention of Pinterest, clothespins have really had a popular time and our chalk painted clothespins for photo prints DIY is just another one to add on to the many, many versatile things you can do with a clothespin. (Well, aside from pinning clothes, but who does that anymore?) Follow along for a quick DIY tutorial on these guys. Pretty self-explanatory but just in case you need some guidance.


  • PostalPix Instagram Prints
  • Clothespins (normal size)
  • Chalk Paint or Chalk Spray Paint
  • Old Newspapers
  • Chalk Pen or Metallic Sharpie


  • Gather up your clothespins from around the house (if you don’t have any, they are only a few dollars for a huge pack at Target or your local hardware store.)
  • You want to do this outside since you’ll be working with (spray) paint.
  • Lay out your clean clothespins on some newspapers or old magazines and leave clearance away from anything and everything. If you have a sensitivity to the smell of (spray) paint, a mask would be helpful too.
  • Thoroughly coat each side of the clothespin with paint and let dry for at least an hour on each side. This may take a few coats each time.
  • Let dry completely overnight and that’s it!

You’ll have a great surface (albeit, small) surface to write sweet little notes on. We recommend location or hashtags because it’s all the latest rage these days.