A new customer spotlight for you guys this week from Evelyn of Oh So Splendid!

Lucky us, they even have a great little DIY for everyone on how to make magnetic puppy picture stands for all of your Android or iPhone prints.

What do you do?

  • My name is Evelyn and I blog at ohsosplendid.com with my friend Kristel. I am a librarian at VCU libraries, which is an absolutely fantastic job.

What are your passions?

  • I spend a lot of time reading, baking, and entertaining the zoo I own.

How do you incorporate PostalPix’s iPhone prints into your workflow?

  • I order Postalpix once a month. I go through all of the instagrams I took and my husband (@designbuck03) took and have the best ones printed out. I love them! Getting them in the mail is awesome and I stick them up everywhere.

Puppy Picture Stands

1. Purchase plastic toy dogs. “Safari Toobs” at Michael’s are 7.99 at regular price, but remember those to use those coupons!

2. Saw plastic dogs in half.

3. Spray paint (optional).

4. Apply mini magnets to either side of the plastic dog with an adhesive. Make sure the magnets are facing the right way so they attract each other rather than repel each other. Mini magnets can be purchased on eBay or most craft stores.

5. Add glitter to the feet! Totally optional, but how awesome is it with glitter?

Ta-da! Perfect little stands for all those Instagram prints. Thanks so much Evelyn for sharing with us. For a more in-depth tutorial, be sure to check out ohsosplendid.com.