One of the greatest things about Instagram is the ability to share photos digitally with friends and loved ones, so why not do the same with Android or iPhone prints?

This is exactly what Instagrammer @olivesandpickles does with the Instagram prints she receives from friends!

What do you do?

  • My name is Ryane Betts and I am a stay-a-home mom and a military wife, my daughter started kindergarten this year, my son is almost three and my husband is in the Canadian forces. My life revolves around them except for photography and scrapbooking.

What are your passions?

  • I immensely enjoy taking picture with my iPhone. It’s a great source of joy and stress and I use Hipstamatic 99% of the time. I also scrapbook or do other hands on crafty projects.

Tell us more about this project!

  • This project started off when I decided to picture pen pal with some of my near and dear Instagram friends, but I started to wonder what I was going to do with all of the prints. It finally came to me, the first seven people I sent photos to we’re from the United States. When I got my first reply, I was so excited I set out to make my idea real. I bought a US wall map and I put up the photos in three (I chose landscapes from her photos to show off the area). I use poster tack to adhere them to the wall in an attempt not to have so many holes in the wall. I placed the map tack where the photos were taken and tied some embroidery floss the pin and again to the pin near the photos. More pictures are on their way I’m so excited to see it fill up.


  • Map (any location and sold at most retailers or even Etsy)
  • Poster Tack (for photos)
  • Pushpin
  • Embroidery Floss (or any kind of string)


  • Adhere your map to a wall and make sure there’s plenty of room surrounding it.
  • Use poster tack (which will save you from getting too many holes in your wall) to adhere the map and photos.
  • Stick a pushpin into the location where the photo was taken and one more by the photo.
  • Using embroidery floss, tie it around the pushpin on the map and once again on the pushpin by the photo

Now you have no excuse to not start a pen pal photo project of your own! We even have our own #PostalPixPenPal project that’s been going strong since we first launched.

Thanks again to Rayne for sharing this project with us!