A lot of our time spent is scouring the Internet for craft inspiration (tough job, we know) and sometimes it leads us to some of the most creative DIYs yet! Take for instance, Damask Love‘s Wooden Knob Photo Holder DIY. Insanely fun, right?! Amber is the talented mastermind behind this fun DIY and we are already hooked with her, Damask Love, and this Instagram DIY because Instagram is soooo our instajam too.

The perfect addition to any tabletop, these little guys should be absolutely perfect to go with your PostalPix Instagram photo prints. With just a few supplies, you should be able to crank out a few of these in a short amount of time that’s easy on the wallet too.

To find out the rest of the DIY and get the full list of supplies and instructions, head over to Damask Love‘s blog entry for DIY Wood Knob Photo Holders. Let her know we sent ya!