Ever wanted to learn how to print Instagrams as one BIG mosaic of smaller prints? Here’s how!

Instagrammer @scalvey shared with us this amazing wall art of an Instagram mosaic he did. It requires an extra step of using a computer, but we think the finished product is worth it. You get a one-of-a-kind art piece at a large scale from any Android or iPhone print.


  • 36 4×4 PostalPix prints (more/less depending on how big/small of a mosaic you’d like)
  • A photo editing program like Photoshop
  • Corrugated board (optional)
  • Adhesive


  • Take the one square photo into Photoshop to enlarge to finished desired size (ie., 24″x24″).
  • Use guides to divide up photo into 4″x4″ squares – this will make cropping much easier.
  • Use the crop function or marquee tool to select each 4″x4″ square.
  • Save each individual photo and email each one back to your phone.
  • Send the photos to PostalPix, duh! 😉

Once you receive the Android or iPhone photo prints, display them any way you want! Just make sure you use a paint-safe adhesive if you plan on hanging them directly up on a wall. They will also look great on a board of some kind or in a frame.

Big thanks to Sean for sharing this with us!