Meaghan from M of Hearts shared this Marquee Lights with PostalPix photo prints DIY on her blog and we knew we had to get to know her a little bit more! Lucky for us, she also kindly shared with us a detailed list of supplies and instructions she used to make it.

What do you do for a living? Where ya from?

  • My name is Meaghan Earley and my blog/website is: I am currently working as a seasonal staff member for the Cleveland International Film Festival. I interview filmmakers, write and help produce a daily segment called “The Daily Buzz” (up on YouTube). I am from Cleveland, Ohio.

What are your passions?

  • There are so many things that I love! My first passion is learning. Each day I push myself to learn something new and practice a different craft to help keep me balanced and well-rounded. I also enjoy reading, writing, fashion and shopping, crafts (of a wide variety), baking and an important one to me: helping others. I find inspiration in everything and am always carrying two notebooks with me at a time. Ideas pop up at any time and I am finding ways to jot down a variety of ideas that I hope to turn into something awesome.

Please tell us more about your PostalPix project!

  • To explain the project: Since I have been prepping work for the Film Festival, marquee lights were on my mind. I don’t always do the same as everyone else, so in seeing the marquee lights and signs, I knew I wanted to make a set of my own but in a unique way.
  • I decided that I would do the letters “C-L-E” for Cleveland and my unique twist would be that I would print photos of Cleveland and make a collage inside of the letters instead of using a solid color of paint. I collaborated with one of my favorite photographers (Photographer: George Gund) who is known for excelling at taking photos of landmarks and flowers.


  • 1 Grid of 2×2 PostalPix Photo Prints
  • Clear Globe Lights (25 ct)
  • 12″ Paper Mache Letters
  • Mod Podge & Small Brush
  • X-Acto Knife
  • Electrical Tape


  • Order a variety of PostalPix photo print sizes so that you have a diverse range of measurements.
  • Cut the photos out and figure out a placement inside the paper mache letters.
  • Once desired placement is set, use Mod Podge to glue the photos in place inside the letter.
  • Let it dry completely, then cut holes in the letters and photos.
  • Place each light bulb into each slot.
  • Use electrical tape to make sure the wires are not visible.

A big thank you to Meaghan for letting us know more about her, her blog and this fun project! For a more detailed set of instructions on how to create the marquee letters with lights, head over to: Brit + Co.