Ever have tons of keepsakes from events or vacations and don’t know what to do with them? We’ve got a great idea for you to do to display them with these memory keepsake displays with Instagram photo prints! This affordable display DIY is easy won’t take very long to complete.


  • PostalPix photo prints
  • Small 6×9 Clipboards (Amazon)
  • Keepsakes (postcards, ticket stubs, menus, anything!)
  • Paperclips


  • Pull together what photo prints and keepsakes you’d like to put with one clipboard (a good idea is to keep them grouped as one event)
  • Use paperclip (or clothespins) to attach prints to keepsakes
  • Clip everything together
  • Display them anywhere you’d like (hung up on a wall or simply lean it up against a wall)

The sky’s the limit! You can decorate them any way you’d like to commemorate the event in each clipboard. Clipboards are a fantastic and inexpensive way to display your Android or iPhone photo prints. It’s also easy to change out the prints whenever you’d like! These are also perfect for birthdays and anniversaries because each clipboard can represent a year. Just have fun with it!