Parties just aren’t fun without personalized decorations and this tissue paper garland with photo prints is right up your alley! This easy, albeit a bit time consuming DIY is not only kid-friendly, but is good to hang up year round if you want. Follow along below for the step-by-step instructions and list of supplies. (Just a few things, we promise!)


  • PostalPix Instagram Prints
  • Tissue Paper (1 per tassel)
  • Clothespins
  • Twine or Rope
  • Scissors


  • Decide what color or colors you would like your tissue paper tassels to be. The world is your oyster! (Seriously, the amount of colors out there in the tissue paper industry is pretty crazy these days.)
  • One piece of tissue paper will yield one tassel so get yours all ready to go by laying it flat on the safe cutting surface. Fold the paper in half long ways (thing “hot dog” like in elementary school) and then fold in half the other way (“hamburger” style this time.)
  • Get sharp scissors and start cutting half inch strips towards the fold to create the fringe. This can get pretty mundane and repetitive, so just take your time and listen to some tunes!
  • Unfold the tissue paper and start to roll it from one end to the other.
  • Just twist the middle and tie the rope to it and that’s one tassel done! Complete the rest of your tassels and attach as many photos as you’d like on it with clothespins.