Adding type to your Instagram shots can turn a simple photo into works of art. See how Instagrammer @joyfulamber incorporates type into her photography and uses PostalPix to print them out to create typography photo print designs. Amber uses Photoshop to add her text, but there are plenty of apps out there to make your own typography photo print designs. iPhone users, try the Over app! As a treat, she’s also included a pinecone Instagram photo display tutorial for a DIY we’ve featured before in a round-up.

What do you do?

  • I am a bookkeeper at my grandma’s accounting office. When I’m not there, you can usually find me outside with a camera in hand.

What are your passions?

  • My faith in Jesus, family, and photography. More specifically – iPhone and macro photography.

How do you incorporate PostalPix into your workflow?

  • PostalPix has allowed me to get creative with photo prints that would otherwise stay on my phone. iPhone photography is a huge part of my life, and with PostalPix, I’ve now found a creative outlet to showcase my art at work and home. Every time a postalpix envelope arrives in the mailbox, I am excited and eager to find a way to display them. I was recently inspired to combine two of my favorite things – nature and photography – and make a DIY display of pine cones and Instagram photo prints using jute twine and mini clothespins.

My love of photography was passed down from my grandma Gracie. We have boxes upon boxes of all the photographs she took over the years. I wanted to find a way to honor the great memories I have of her. She planted a pine cone tree many years ago. I decided to combine the passion she passed on to me with the little pieces that she left behind, and created this pine cone and Instagram photo print display.


  • PostalPix prints
  • Jute twine
  • Pine cones (anything would work, be creative!)
  • Mini clothespins
  • Scissors
  • Tacks (or something to hold the display)


  • Cut at least five pieces of twine (if you are tying objects onto the twine, I suggest adding a couple inches because tying shortens the length).
  • Tie the pine cones to the twine.
  • Hang the twine with the tacks, about six inches apart.
  • Take mini clothespins and the Instagram photo prints and add in between the pine cones.

Thanks Amber for sharing your story and awesome DIY with us!