We love kid-friendly PostalPix projects! Instagrammer @mhook recently shared with us a fun project she did with her kids to give their Grandma for Mother’s Day. She’s been nice enough to share with all of you too! Learn how to make wooden photo print blocks with this simple DIY.

What do you do?

  • I’m lucky to be doing two things I really love for work (I couldn’t pick one over the other, so I do both): I am a Director of Social Media Marketing for an agency and I own a photography business specializing in weddings.

What are your passions?

  • I love photography and see life as a series of snapshots. I have three boys (6, 8 & 10) I can’t get enough of and an amazing cast of family and friends – all of whom fill my Instagram feed.

Tell us more about this project!

  • In my experience, there are two things grandmas really love as gifts: photos and handmade presents. These wooden photo print blocks had both those elements and were a craft that was easy enough for my boys to do themselves to give their Grandma for Mother’s Day.


  • 6 4×4 PostalPix prints and/or scrapbook paper
  • Mod Podge (matte)
  • Foam brush
  • 3.5″ x 3.5″ wooden block
  • Ink (optional)


  • Used the block to size, trace and cut 5 photo prints to fit the wooden block.
  • Cut the scrapbook paper to fit one side of the wooden block to write a message, or use another print.
  • Using the foam brush, apply thin layer of Mod Podge to glue down each photo (or note) and let it dry completely
  • Once dried, apply another layer on top of each photo (or note) until dried.
  • Repeat previous step again (will dry clear).
  • Use ink to lightly color each edge of the block (optional).

The entire project costs about $8 and is a great gift for anyone! Thanks Megan for sharing your story and awesome DIY with us!